Homebrew Club Celebration
Aka People’s Choice

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In the past clubs would rent hotel rooms for their club homebrew, and transform them to the club’s chosen theme. We saw Tiki Bars, German Beer Gardens, Cowboy/Ranch (many versions), Saloons, Medieval thrones, the limit is the imagination of the club members. Eventually separate club “homebrew room crawl” rooms transitioned to a large event room with club displays around the perimeter. Showmanship is key! Clubs offer tastes of their members’ brews. Participants can vote for their selected “Peoples’ Choice” homebrew. BJCP Certified judges will get judging points for the Peoples’ Choice judging.

2018 People’s Choice

Saturday March 24 after the awards, we will showcase the Local and Regional Homebrew Clubs; homebrewers are encouraged to re-brew a winning beer from last year’s Bluebonnet or bring one that was entered this year, as we will have special recognition for past and current winners.

How To Enter

  • Register your entry using the link above as a separate entry (FREE)
  • Print a Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Tape the BOL to your keg
  • People’s Choice Entry DOES NOT have to be a beer that was entered into the primary competition
  • Participants in People’s Choice are NOT required to enter into the primary competition and CAN participate if they did not enter into the primary competition
  • Participants should bring all serving equipment
  • All beers served will be eligible for People’s Choice Voting
  • All feedback will be verbally presented to the brewer

Club Bars

  • All club bars must be set-up and ready to serve by 5:45pm
  • Beer must not be served until after the awards ceremony has ended
  • Individuals are encouraged to enter as a club but can bring freestanding kegs
  • Bars must be removed from the room no later than 10:00 AM Sunday, March 25

Current BJCP Judges should complete the sign-in sheet and are required to give constructive feedback to the participants in order to receive credit


The Bluebonnet Brew Off does not condone drinking and driving, participants are expected to drink responsibly.