Do you have a hotel discount? 

Can I attend the conference if I do not make beer, mead or cider?

  • Yes – The Bluebonnet Brew-Off Conference welcomes everyone over the age of 21. Come learn about beer, mead and cider!

Am I required to enter the competition to attend the conference?

  • No – The weekend conference will have many activities plus the Awards Ceremony.

Am I required to attend the Conference to enter the competition?

  • No – You can enter the competition without attending the conference; however, a single day ticket is required to attend the Awards Ceremony

Can I attend the Awards Ceremony without attending the full Conference?

  • Due to the timing of the Awards Ceremony, a single day ticket purchased at the door is required to attend the Awards Ceremony

Am I required to book a room at the hotel?

  • While you are not required to book a room to attend the conference, we highly encourage you to have a designated drive, call taxi or other ride share service if you are not staying with us.

I printed my entry label and shipped but then realized I miss-entered the sub-category, what do I do?

  • If the entry registration utility is still open, you should update the database, which will over-ride any printed labels ensuring your entry is judged accordingly.
  • If the entry registration utility is closed, your entry is final and will be judged according to the rules.

I only have 2 bottles left of a beer I want to enter, can I still enter this beer?

  • Yes – Entries received with only 2 bottles will be accepted; however, if you win 1st Place then you will receive a stein but will not be eligible for Best of Show.

I only have 1 bottle left of a beer I want to enter, can I still enter this beer?

  • No – The Bluebonnet expects enough entries in every category to have 2 rounds and a second bottle is required.

I have 1 standard bottle and 1 22oz bottle of a beer I want to enter, can I still enter?

  • No – The 22oz bottle will be disqualified resulting in insufficient number of bottles.

I have a Blue Point Pale Ale clone; can I enter it as a Clone Beer?

  • No – This beer should be entered as in the American Pale Ale Category. Clone Beers are reserved for Clones of commercial beers that do not fit in any defined style.

I brewed an Italian Grape Ale, where do I enter this beer?

  • For defined regional styles, the entry must be submitted as the “Suggested Style Placement” listed in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. An Italian Grape Ale should be entered into Fruit Beer

I want to attend the Conference but the hotel is now sold out, what do I do?

  • There are multiple hotel options within walking distance of the conference, please Internet search to find an alternate hotel.

I would like to go on the Pub Crawl but also want to attend the Brewer’s Round-Table; can I do both?

  • No – The expanded conference will result in multiple events at the same time, which unfortunately means attendees will have to choose between events.
What is the Request For Feedback and Brewer Information Page? What do I pack with my entries?
  • When printing labels, 2 pages will print. These 2 pages plus a Bill of Lading (BOL) are all that is required to satisfy the rules of the competition.  4 labels will print but you only need 3 bottles.

The Bluebonnet Brew Off does not condone drinking and driving, participants are expected to drink responsibly.